Not all prefer to stay in “Nursing Home”. Many people have a very strong opinion, “I would never put my parents in one of those places”. For emotional or practical reasons, many caregivers opt out to put their parents/elderly in nursing homes; and they choose to take care of them at home.

Keeping elderly at home is a very kind thing to do, but at the same time it is the toughest job that may require time, energy & lots of patience. Sometimes, it may lead to a total burn out causing serious health issues to caregivers.

So, if you’re one of those who have decided to take care of their elderly at home, it’s time to train yourself & develop a strong understanding of senior care. It is must because you can’t live your life “on-edge” 24×7. A clear understanding of smarter care of your seniors can make your life a lot easier.

Here are 5 essential tips to help you understand effective ways to take care of your seniors:

1. Estimate The Amount Of Care

It is important to develop a right process while providing elderly care. Develop task lists, create daily “To Do’s” and follow a consistent time-table of medication (if required).

But, always keep an eye on the “Overall Picture”. Understand the actual requirements of your seniors. Observe how much care is required during the day & during night. Figure out if any observation is needed.

There are many easy ways to conclude this. Make notes of your observations. Document various vital readings. Such as Blood Pressure, Diabetic Levels, Oxygen v/s CO2 levels…etc. This will help you to understand their health behavior to provide a better assistance to your seniors.

This will also help you to understand if they are developing any new or repetitive symptoms.

2. Be Realistic About Your Involvement While Providing Senior Care

Practically, you can’t do this full-time. Considering your other personal & professional responsibilities, you may have to decide on how much you should involve & how much you may need to delegate to the others. Otherwise, you will start harming your health & it’s no good for the seniors too.

Additionally, You’re NOT a medical expert. Many health conditions in seniors require expert medical attention during the daily care. This may involve hiring Personal Care Experts or Professional Nurses. Make sure to delegate to the professionals as and when required.

3. Work Distribution & Teaming Up within Family

Divide the tasks & daily “To Do’s” among the family members. This will work as a stress buster. Discuss with your family members & make a fix schedule of caregiving. Such as:

  • Who will provide the morning medication?
  • Who will monitor the vitals?
  • Who is responsible for meals & diet?
  • Morning & Evening walks / accompanying…etc.

This may sound very simple but when it comes to consistency, it may get tough. However, if the work distribution is followed on a daily basis, all caregivers in the family can be stress free to keep the seniors happy.

4. Regular Health Checkups

Yes, you’re documenting daily vitals & keeping a track of health – And yes, the elderly may seem pretty healthy. However, never miss to complete the monthly checkups at hospitals or nearby clinics (as prescribed by the Doctors).

After a certain age, it’s essential to keep an eye on “Whole Body Functions”. Regular body check ups help to keep an eye on our vital organs & any new illness can be curbed right at the early stage. So, never ever miss Monthly Health Checkups of your Seniors.

5. Reduce Financial Pressure

Caring of a Senior may incur many additional expenses & added financial pressure if you’re not well-prepared. If we circle back to your health, this additional financial pressure may cause stress, depression or anxiety.

You can avoid such situations just by planning for this in advance. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while preparing yourself financially for Elderly Care at home:

  • Make an effective budget for Senior Care.
  • Plan for a passive income within your scope.
  • Take Government Benefits for “Caregiver At Home”.

We hope you’ve found this article useful & a jump-start to prepare to be the caregiver. At Faith Med Supplies, we provide high quality medical supplies along with Patient Care & Personal Care products nationwide.

Check out our online store to explore the products of daily needs for your Elderly.

Don’t miss to share your questions or opinions in the comment section below.

Good luck!

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