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Welcome to FaithMed Supplies. A Div. of KR Healthcare and Transportation, LLC.

We are experts in Medical and Surgical Products.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your medical, surgical, healthcare, and personal supplies from renowned brands trusted for high-quality. We believe in placing our customers well ahead of our interests.

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The use of top-notch medical supplies in hospitals and clinics cannot be overemphasized, especially when it comes to patient treatment. The supplies enable medical professionals- doctors, technicians, and others to discharge their responsibilities and expect a positive outcome appropriately.

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Our goal at FaithMed Supplies is to offer our customers hassle-free shopping experience. We provide an extensive selection of high-quality medical supplies, coupled with a relatively fast delivery service.

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Thank you for choosing FaithMed Supplies. We are the sure partner you can count on to provide you with the right medical supplies and support. We are available at all times to attend to all your needs. Even if we do not have the supply you are looking for, you can tell us about it, and we will commit our best resources to get them for you. We wish you an outstanding shopping experience!

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