If your diet is not helping you to maintain optimal health, chances are that the diet is not suitable for your blood type.

This might sound absurd, but many advocates of the blood type diet back their claims with research and studies that eating what’s right for your blood type facilitates better digestion and enhances overall physical and mental well-being. It boosts your immune system, improves metabolism and helps you to maintain ideal body weight.


Understandably, many people have opted for the blood type diet to lose weight through better nutrition. 

For the diet to work, you need to avoid the foods that are not listed for people with a specific blood type. Let’s focus on the foods that you should consume as per your blood type:

Type O Blood

Those with this blood type should avoid eating processed foods and consume a protein-rich diet instead. Make sure that you include lean meat, vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, and seafood in your diet. 

Type Os tend to suffer from indigestion and flatulence more than others so stay away from carb-rich foods, caffeine, and dairy products. If you are a Type O and you suffer from digestion problems, then talk to a nutritionist in your area. 

Type A Blood 

Type As should opt for a vegetarian diet and consume tofu, beans, dry fruit, and food cooked in olive oil. They can also consume small portions of chicken and turkey but they must avoid lean meat in order to lose weight. 

According to practitioners of this diet and existing research, Type As are more prone to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. But if they consume a diet that matches their blood type, then they can prevent such health problems. 

Type B Blood 

People with Type B blood should avoid consuming chicken, wheat, corn, pulses, and bread. These foods lead to issues such as retention of excessive fluid and mental and physical exhaustion in people with this blood type. Instead, Type Bs should opt for low-fat dairy products, mutton, lamb, and green vegetables.

Type AB Blood 

Here, people should choose foods that are easy on the stomach. Type ABs tend to produce low amounts of digestive juices due to which it becomes difficult for the body to break down meat. So, they should fill their diet with fruits and vegetables instead. They can also consume seafood and dairy but alcohol is a big no-no! 


This diet also recommends different exercises for different blood types for best results. 

This will be covered in another blog, If you are interested in the blood type diet, then ensure that you seek the advice of a nutritionist before you change your diet completely. 

Your nutritionist will asses your blood work, your medical history and your fitness to ascertain whether the diet will be good for you or not.

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